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Allsup’s Burritos — Because We Can

In New Mexico, road trip food is a category all its own.

Tom’s Hot Fries, pinons, pistachios, and Sonic tots all have a place in the New Mexico Road Trip Snacks CANON, if you will.

But the SUPREME ACHIEVEMENT in New Mexico road trip food has to be, and has always been… THE ALLSUP’S BURRITO.

Hot gooey innards in a crispy fried flour tortilla shell, the “GUT GRENADE” Allsup’s burrito has been keeping passengers’ bellies full (and a little off) since 1845. I made that up, but it’s been a long time.

Next time you see an Allsup’s, pull over and grab one of these bad boys. Check the map to make sure there’s a bathroom within the next 50 miles, then chow down. Add some Tom’s Hot Fries (NOT Andy Capps, what are you a Texan?) and an Allsup’s Dr. Pepper (with ice) and you have my teen years in consumable form.

Allsup's Burritos

There are over 300 Allsup’s locations in more than 160 towns and cities, so if you are throwing a cruise through New Mexico, I can assure you, THERE’S ONE NEAR YOU. (Get it, that’s the Allsup’s tag line. It’s smart because it’s true.)

Check out their DEEP FRIED PIZZA and other treats and see all their locations here: allsups.com

Have a favorite burrito “flavor”? Leave us a note in the comments! We want to try them all… and maybe that deep fried pizza.