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Blake’s Lotaburger – Breakfast Burrito

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Blake’s Lotaburger is a staple of New Mexico fast food cuisine, with more than 70 locations currently operating statewide. Around since 1952, Lotaburger specializes in fresh hamburgers, particularly green chile hamburgers. And lucky for me and for you, many of the locations serve breakfast burritos. Their basic breakfast burritos are made with two eggs, hash browns and either red or green chile. From there, you can choose from a selection of additional options, including beans, sausage, bacon, and more. Even better, Lotaburger allows you the option of smothering your burrito with red or green chile sauce. Which to me, anything smothered with green chile is just happiness.


Great ratio of goodness!

On this occasion, I selected a sausage breakfast burrito with green chile and smothered with green chile sauce. It was topped with cheddar cheese and garnished with lettuce and tomatoes. The burrito had the perfect ratio of ingredients, just the right combination of sausage, egg, hash browns and green chile. Even better, the green chile had quite a kick to it. Often (and especially at fast food places) the chile is super mild, which, to a NM girl like me, is just sad.

In my mind, there were only two small factors that kept this from being the perfect breakfast burrito. The cheddar cheese that topped the burrito looked as if it had been microwaved and was a bit too chewy. Additionally, the tomatoes that garnished the burrito were full slices, not cubed. And while I enjoy a good tomato, I prefer full slices in a sandwich. Having them on a breakfast burrito left me a wee bit flummoxed. These two factors aside, Lotaburger offers fantastic breakfast burritos for foodies on the go!

What is your favorite Lotaburger burrito? I’d love to try something new and amazing! Let me know in the comments.